Monday, April 11, 2011

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 3 (1)(台北 (Taipei))


This morning, we went to Wisteria Tea House located in XinSheng S. Rd., Sec. 3.  The building is very historical and has served as a gathering place for scholars, artists and political dissenters.  As it's name indicates, the old wisteria tree is in the front yard.

Many carp in the pond, as well.

There are several rooms in different styles, and this time we selected a table in the tatami room.  This room is a typical (traditional) Japanese style.  It is very relaxing.

The beautiful flower arrangements were decorated in the room.

This one looked very tropical.
たくさんあるお茶の中から白毫烏龍 (東方美人) と雪霸山烏龍を注文。まずはお湯が運ばれてきます。

Many different kinds of tea were offered, and we selected two types of Oolong tea; one is Oriental Beauty, the other one is the Oolong from one of high mountains in Taiwan (I don't know how to call it in English).  First, hot water in a kettle was brought to us.

こうやって見ると、50年位前の日本にタイムトリップした感じ (とはいっても、さすがに50年前はまだ生まれてませんでしたが)。

This view reminded me of Japan in 50 years back (although I wasn't born 50 years ago).
お茶の道具も素敵ですね。台湾では色々な茶藝館でお茶を楽しんできたので、お茶の入れ方は覚えました。家にも台湾のお茶道具一式揃えてあります (最近は使ってなくて部屋のデコレーションとなっていますが)。夫は、ここのお茶は以前に行った台中の茶藝館と比べてあまりおいしくないと文句を言っていました。

The tools to prepare tea were also very beautiful.  We have the tea set at home in US (although we haven't used it for a while and it is now just a room decoration...).  My husband said the tea we had here was not as good as one we had in Taichun before...

We ordered some small bites for the tea.  This is the pistachios.  It had a unique flavor and went very well with our tea.

These were the green bean cakes.  They were a bit powdery for me, but slightly sweet and a good match with the tea, as well.  Although I love coffee, too, I think tea is the best to enjoy in such a beautiful, relaxing  space.

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  1. 上品で、本当にいいかんじですね~。台北いつか行きたいです!!!おいしいものいっぱい食べて帰ってきてくださいね!ブログレポート見てますよ!