Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 9 (1) (京都 (Kyoto))

今日は平安神宮までやってきました。私は昔から、京都の他の神社仏閣と比べて平安神宮ってあまり興味を惹かれなかったのですが (あまりにも赤くて大きな鳥居が京都にはあまりなじまないような...  それに歴史もほんの100 年ちょっとしかないし...)、もう殆どの有名なお寺には夫を連れて行ってしまったので他に行くところが思いつかなかったんです...。

Today we visited Heian Jingu Shrine.  This is not one of my favorite shrines/temples in Kyoto (the bright red Grand Shrine Gate is too big and too bright, I think, and also its history is only less than 120 years, which is pretty new in Kyoto..), but I already have brought my husband to most of the famous/popular shrines and temples in Kyoto, and this was one of the only few choices that I could think of...

This is the huge Grand Shrine Gate.

The view from the bridge over Lake Biwa Canal.  Beautiful cherry blossoms here, too.

The tour boat was running on the canal.

In the park right next the shrine a big weeping cherry was full bloom.  Breathtaking beauty it was.

The Outen-mon - the gate to the shrine.

The place to clean your hands (I don't know how to translate this to English - every shrine has such a place to clean yourself before entering) with a tiger (?) lion (?) statue.

And its butt.

Byakko-ro.  From here you can enter the garden.

I said this was not one of my favorite shrines, but I should take it back - the garden here was very, very beautiful with many cherry trees blooming.

Cherry petals changed the color of the pond surface to pink.

It was out of reach beyond the steps, but I was very curious to know what was up there..

In early summer many iris flowers will bloom around this pond.

The reflection of weeping cherry blossoms on the pond was also very pretty.  I like Yosino cherry, but I like weeping cherry as much as Yosino cherry.

Taihei-kaku, which was transfered from Kyoto Imperial Palace.  From here, you can see the pond from another angle.

Shobi-kan, which was also originally located in Kyoto Imperial Palace.

At the exit of the garden, we saw the wedding ceremony going on.  We waited for a while to see if a bride would show up, but she didn't and we gave up and left.

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