Saturday, April 9, 2011

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Days 1-2 (Boston - 台北 (Taipei))


I'll go back to Taiwan & Japan for 2 weeks from today.  My husband has gone to Taiwan earlier, so I have to travel by myself.  As always, I flew with Delta.  First, I'll fly to Detroit, then transfer to the flight to Tokyo.

I had a lot of time to kill at the Detroit Airport, so I went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch.  I Ordered the chicken tacos, but it was not very good...

Then I took a flight to Tokyo.  It was cloudy in Detroit.

The meal on the flight was, as expected, bad.  I wonder how it is possible to cook such a bad meal...  This time, not many passengers were on the flight, and I could occupy the entire row!  I could lay down and sleep for the majority of time.

Right before arriving at Tokyo, the second meal was served.  It was bad again.  I could eat only one bite...

Finally I arrived at Tokyo, then transfered to the plane to Taipei.  What a long trip!  The third meal for the day was served and of course, it was bad!!

And finally, I arrived at Taipei.  At the airport, the statues of ugly rabbits welcome you

I met with my husband at the airport, and we directly went to the porridge restaurant.  It is open for 24 h.  We arrived at midnight, but there were many people eating here. 

Many small dishes were displayed.  You can just point the dishes you want with your finger, so even if you don't speak Chinese, no problem ordering food!

The porridge was served in a big pot and it is all-you-can-eat.

This is one of my favorites, fried willow fish.

The pickled cucumbers were a little bit spicy and good.

The squid dish.  The dishes that are supposed to be served hot were warmed up on the table.

The bamboo shoot.

The green vegetable and small fish.

The white fish.  Very light and tasty.I was very satisfied with the simple but delicious food.  We'll try more good foods tomorrow!!

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  1. They all look so yummy! I want to go and try it next time when we go back Taiwan. Can o you save the address for me? Peii