Monday, April 11, 2011

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 3 (2)(台北 (Taipei))


After enjoying our tea, we passed by the original Din Tai Fung and went for lunch.

The place we selected for our lunch was the restaurant called "Slack Season" in English.  This restaurant is originally from Tainan and is famous for Tan Tsai noodles.

At the entrance, this guy was preparing the noodles.

This is the famous dish in Taiwan - minced pork over white rice.
これが担仔麺。肉そぼろを麺に絡ませて食べます。以前、NY で食べたものとは比べ物にならないほどおいしい!

This is the Tan Tsai noodles.  This was much better than the same dish I had in Flushing, NY!!

This is the fried ground shrimp.  This was tasty, too.
昼食後はデザート、ということで2,3軒隣にある有名なかき氷屋さん、永康15 (旧名: 冰館) へやって来ました。

After the lunch, we came to have some dessert at this shop located just a few doors away from the noodle place.  This place (Ice Monster) serves shaved ice.

We ordered the shaved ice topped with strawberries, kiwis and mangoes.  It was huge and we couldn't finish it all.

This poster hanging on the wall said that this shop donated money to Japan earthquake relief.  Many, many Taiwanese people are worried about people in Japan and pray for us, too.

After the dessert, we walked around the streets.  These are the roast ducks with their heads still on. 

We continued our food journey.  The next target was the small shop (no English name) which is famous for Chinese burgers (?).

Many steamed buns were cooked in front of the store.  We were not very hungry, so only order one and shared it.

A lot of pork meat and pickled vegetables were sandwiched in the steamed bun.  It was not bad, but not as good as I expected... 

Then, we got thirsty and visited the famous tea place, Chun Shui Tang.  This is originally from Taichun (we visited the original one last year).  This time we did not have time to go to Taichun, so we ended up with one of the branches in Taipei.

The beautiful flowers were decorated here, too.

Although we were very full, we still wanted to eat some small thing, and ordered the fried tofu.

We both ordered the large milk tea with tapiocas (they were humongous).  Their tapiocas were soooo soft and good as always.  Very satisfied.

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