Saturday, April 30, 2011

Revere Beach with Poirot

今日は家から車で15分位のところにある Revere  ビーチにやってきました。

Today we came to Revere Beach near our house.
今日4月30日は Poirot がビーチに入れる最後の日!夏の間は犬がビーチに入ることはできません。

Today, April 30th, was the last day Poirot could walk on the beach.  During summer, dogs are not allowed here.
まだ肌寒いので、ビーチに人はほとんどいません。Poirot は大興奮でビーチを走り回ってました。

It was still chilly and no one else was around.  Poirot was so excited and running like crazy.
お気に入りのボールを必死で追いかける Poirot.

Poirot was chasing his favorite ball frantically.

He looked so proud of himself finally catching the ball.
Poirot は水が嫌いなので、波が来ると逃げます。

Poirot doesn't like water, so he ran away from waves.

But he was very interested in shells.

He was checking every single shell, hoping he could find something to eat inside...

"There was nothing I could eat...  So disappointing.."

さて、運動の後はお昼ご飯。このビーチにきたらお昼は大概いつも Kelly's で食べます。

After walking/running on the beach, we had lunch at Kelly's.  We generally eat here when we come to the beach.

My lobster roll!  This was the first lobster roll I had this year.  It had the meat of 2 lobsters, so was satisfying portion wise, but the taste was just OK.  I guess it was too early for the lobster season.

My husband ordered the roast beef sandwich.  I loved the onion rings that came with the sandwich.
Poirot も物欲しそうに夫のほうをじ~っと見ています。

Poirot was staring my husband, expecting to get something to eat....
Poirot を塀の上に乗せようとしたらすごく怖そうな顔。

My husband put Poirot on the fence, and he got very scared.
でもすぐに慣れて気持ちよさそうに (?) 潮風に当たっていました。

But soon he got used to the height and enjoyed the wind from the ocean.

And eventually he got bored and had a big yawn.

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