Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trip to Taiwan-Japan Day 5 (1)(基隆 (Keelung) - 台北 (Taipei))


We took one last bath first thing in the morning, then went to the dining room in the hotel for breakfast.  Since the dinner last night was terrible, I was worried about the breakfast, too.  But it was not as bad as I imagined.

Instead of steamed rice, porridge was served (all-you-can-eat).

In addition, pickles and other small dishes for porridge were also provided in a buffet style.

After the breakfast we left the hotel for Taipei.  On the way, we found a vendor selling loquats (Japanese plums) on the side of the street.

Since I love this fruit, we stopped our car and bought some of them.  This is the very expensive fruit in Japan, but it was cheaper here (although still more expensive compared to other fruits we can get in Taiwan).  

After returning to Taipei, we went to Taipei 101 food court to have our lunch.  So many restaurants are in this food court and I had a difficult time to pick one. But finally I decided to order my lunch here.

I ordered a lunch set consisted of an oyster pancake, fried rice noodles, sauteed green vegetable and a bowl of soup with meatballs/fish balls.  The portions were generous and all of the dishes tasted good.

My husband picked this restaurant.

His lunch set included all the famous dishes in Keelung.  But he didn't like it very much...
そしてもちろんデザート。同じフードコート内にあるデザート専門店 (?) に大好きな豆花を食べに行きました。

And of course we needed our dessert!  We came here to order one of my favorite desserts in Taiwan, tofu pudding, in the same food court.

This time we ordered the cold version.  A lot of peanuts and slightly sweet - so yummy.

After the lunch, we went shopping for souvenirs.  Then we took a break at this dessert shop (I don't know the name in English). 

We ordered this dessert - this is the cold version of the taro ball soup that we had in Jiufen.  I like the warm one, but the cold one is also good in a different way.  I guess I just love taro balls no matter what!

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