Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hibernating Poirot (冬眠 Poirot)

ボストンはこのごろ毎日寒い日が続いています。寒いのが苦手な Poirot はお気に入りのブランケットの上でじ~っとしていて、まるで冬眠しているよう。

It has been very cold in Boston these days.  Poirot hates cold weather, and is almost hibernating on his favorite blanket.
ほんと、気持ち良さそうに(いびきをかきながら) 寝ています。

He sleeps so comfortably (with snoring).
寝ているときは天使のように可愛いのですが (親ばか)、近頃は寝てばっかりでかまってくれないのでちょっと寂しいかも。

He is like an angel when he is sleeping, but I kind of miss hyper-active Poirot...

After a while, he moved closer to the electric heater.  To get even closer, he stretched his front legs toward the heater.

I was worried that he would have a rush of blood to the head when he was sleeping like this...

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