Monday, December 27, 2010

Trip to Portugal Day 3 (4) (Lisbon)


We came out to the Bairro Alto area from the Santa Justa terrace through the connecting bridge.

I found a very gorgeous building and it turned out to be a bank.  Why, everywhere in the world, do banks always occupy the most beautiful buildings in the best spots??  If they have that much money to spend, I wish they'd increase interest rats for our saving instead!!


We were just wandering around the Comércio Square again, and found that we could go to the other side of the river by boat.

どんな感じか乗ってみることにしました。乗客は (多分) 地元の人だけです。対岸に住む人たちが通勤や買い物のためリスボンに来るのに使われているようです。

So we decided to try it.  Only local people appeared to take this boat.  I guess people who live on the other side use it to commute to (or to go shopping in?) Lisbon.


It took about 20 minutes to the cross the river.  We sat on the seats in the 2nd floor.

対岸のバレイロ (Barreiro) という街に着いたのはいいのですが、この街の情報は何も持っておらず、また見渡した限り特に何もなさそうだったので一応ここに来たと証明するための写真だけ撮って、折り返しリスボンに戻りました。

We arrived at the city called Barreiro, but did not have any information about this city and also there did not seem anything particularly interesting.  So we decided to return to Lisbon after taking a picture to prove we were here.


After returning to Lisbon, we took this cute tram and the metro to go back to our hotel and took some rest until dinner.


Inside the tram has also this very retro style.  But not only tourists but also local people frequently use it as one of their transportation methods.

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