Friday, December 24, 2010

Dinner at Island Creek Oyster Bar

今日はクリスマスイブ。といっても私達は特にお祝いするわけでもないので、昼間は家でごろごろし、夕食を食べに Island Creek Oyster Bar へ行きました。

Today is Christmas Eve!  But we don't really celebrate Christmas, so we just stayed home doing nothing during the day time, and went to Island Creek Oyster Bar for dinner.

The bread that was served was a different kind from the one we got last time, but this one was also tasty. They bake their own bread.
アペタイザーはもちろん生牡蠣。今回はアイランドクリークを1ダースオーダーしました。夫は3つしか食べなかったので私が残り9つを食べました (好きだからいいのですが)。

We ordered one dozens of Island Creek.  My husband ate only 3 of them, and I finished the rest (I was happy as I like them very much!).

My husband ordered the fries again.  They were very crispy! 

Fried clams.  The clams were very big and good, but I think it is a bit overpriced ($15).

I ordered the seafood casserole.

It had lobster meat, scallops, white fish, etc.  Very good and deep flavors from seafood.  I loved it.

After-dinner coffee and,

A lemon meringue pie.  The pie was not too sweet.  Good food and good service (but not cheap).

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