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Trip to Portugal Day 3 (3) (Lisbon)


After walking around the Belém area, we came back to the city center by the tram.  Passing the Rossio Square, we strolled around the streets with many restaurants.  I love watching the showcases of restaurants! 

I don't know what it was, but looked yummy.

In this area, buildings are old and beautiful.
お目当てのレストラン、Bonjardim はすぐに見つかりました。ここは大衆食堂のような感じなのですがローストチキンがおいしいので有名です。今日のお昼ご飯はここで食べます。

We could easily found the restaurant, Bonjardim, that we wanted to come.  This is not a fancy restaurant, but is famous for roasted chickens and is a popular place for locals.


Here, some cheese was also served.  This is not free, but if you don't touch it, they won't charge you for it.
まずはビールを注文。リスボンでは多くの (カジュアル) レストランで容量を示す線の入ったグラスが使われていました (よく見るとこのグラスにも 400 mL を示す線が入っています)。これだとグラスごとに量のばらつきもないし、お店も量を少なくごまかしたりできませんよね。

We ordered a glass of beer.  In many casual restaurants in Lisbon, glasses with the line that shows the volume were used (this glass had the line for 400 mL, too).  I think this is the good system as the volume is always constant and restaurants cannot cheat.

Many chickens were rotating in the oven.

We ordered the grilled salted cod and roasted chicken.  This is the cod dish.

It was the dried salted cod, but I couldn't believe it was dried.  The meat was very thick and not dry at all.  I wonder if they use a special technique when they soak dried fish in water...

This is the roasted chicken.
テーブルに備え付けのピリピリソースという辛いソースを付けて食べます。きっと一度も洗っていないであろう刷毛を使うのでちょっと (かなり?) 不衛生な気もしますが、まあその辺はあまり考えないことにしてたっぷりソースを付けて食べました。チキンはジューシーでおいしかったです。

The spicy sauce (called piripri sauce) is on the table to be used for chickens.  I doubt the brush was ever washed before, and it may not be very clean, but I just ignor the fact and put a lot of sauce on the chicken.  The meat was very juicy and the skin was crispy.  It was very good.

Fries came with the chicken.  I think potatoes in Europe are more tasty than in US.  They have a intense potato flavor.  Even when I am full, I can't stop eating these fries....  The price and service were good at this restaurant as well, so we were satisfied.

After our lunch, we took the Santa Justa Elevator.  it was built in 1902 and at that time, it was used to transport people between the lower side of the city (Baixa) and higher side (Bairo Alto), but nowadays only tourists use it.

Many people were in the line.  I was wondering why the line did not move although I saw the elevator up and down many times.  But finally I realized only ~10 people can get in each time though the elevator is very spacious.  It can accommodate more than 20 people easily...  I guess it is because of the safety regulation, but I think people have to wait for a long time during the busy seasons.

The elevetor goes up quite high.

This is the inside the elevator.  Inside is made of wood and has a classic look.
エレベーターを下りるとさらに階段を登って上の展望台に行けます (ちなみに展望台に行くのは別料金です)。

After the elevator arrives the top floor, you can still go up higher to the terrace that offers views of Lisbon (you have to pay additional fee to go to the terrace).

The view from the terrace was fantastic!  I love the orange colored roofs.

The Tejo River and the Arch of Rua Augusta connected to the Comércio Square could also be seen.

I don't know the name of church by the river...  Maybe I should visit there..

We could find the Rossio Square, too.

After enjoying great views from the terrace, we came back to the elevator entrance, but instead of going down by the elevator, we crossed teh bridge that is connected to the Bairro Alto area.
連絡橋は教会 (何という教会かは知りません) のすぐ脇を通っています。

The connecting bridge is going through just by the church (I don't know the name of it).

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