Saturday, December 11, 2010

Trip to New York (and New Jersey) (3) - Wedding Reception


After the lunch, we drove to New Jersey and checked in the hotel near the reception facility.  We took some break until the ceremony started.


At the wedding reception, there were lots and lots of food....

Raw oysters and shrimp cocktail were one of the most popular ones.  In addition, there were many other cold and hot dishes.  Later we had the dinner at the table, but at this point, we were already stuffed.

And all-you-can-drink alcohol (and non-alcohol).

This is the table we sat at.

And of course, the wedding cake!
お食事は、まずはクラブケーキで始まりました。蟹の身がたくさん入っていておいしかったです (がもうこの時点でおなか一杯で半分以上残してしまいました)。

The dinner started with the crab cake.  It had a lot of crab meat and tasted good (but I was too full to finish it all).

Then the spinach and mango salad.  I managed to finish it.

Lemon sorbet for refreshment.

The main dish.  I selected the beef steak, but I could eat only a few bites.  I gave the rest to my husband.
夫は魚を注文。この後たくさんのデザートも出て来てもうおなかがはちきれそう (食べなければいいのですが、これがついつい食べてしまうんですよね)。

My husband ordered the fish.  We were also served a wide variety of desserts.  At the end, we were sooo full (I know I should've stopped eating, but it was so tempting and I couldn't help myself...).


After I came to the USA, I was invited a quite few of wedding ceremonies, but every time I attended, I enjoyed very much.  It makes me happy by just looking at the happy newly weds.  Congratulations and wish you happy life together!

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