Sunday, December 5, 2010

Poirot & Santa Claus 2010

今日は以前書いたように、Poirot の通っている保育園 (A Better Companion) までサンタとの写真撮影会に行ってきました。Poirot はここに来るのが大好き。保育園の皆さんにすごく可愛がってもらっているようです。

As I wrote it before, we went to the day care that Poirot goes to (A Better Companion) in order to get Poirot's Christmas pictures taken.  He loves to come to this place.  People at A Better Companion take a very good care of Poirot.

His behavior here was totally different - unlike at home where he is always active (or you can say "hyper"), he was so quiet, calm and well behaved.  I couldn't believe it!
ハイチェアーに(怖々)座って今か今かと順番を待つ Poirot。

This is Poirot waiting for his turn, sitting on a high chair (he was a bit scared on this chair).
いよいよ私たちの順番が回ってきました。Poirot は初めサンタに驚いてちょっと吠えてしまいました。サンタに抱きかかえられて戸惑ったような表情。

It's our turn!  At first Poirot was scared of Santa Clause, and barked at him.  He didn't know what this big man was doing to him!

"Who is this man?  I am scared..."

But after a while, he was getting used to him and looking at the camera.

This is the one we chose among the pictures taken by a photographer (this is the picture of the original picture).  Very nice shot!  Now this is decorated on the side table in our house.

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