Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trip to Portugal Day 4 (1) (Lisbon - Jerónimos Monastery)

今朝はまたまた pastéis de nata を食べるために Pastéis de Belém へやって来ました (昨日お持ち帰りにしてもらったものは、やはり時間が経つと風味が落ちて、いまいちでした)。

This morning we came to Pastéis de Belém again to have some more pastéis de nata (the ones we took out yesterday were not as good after several hours).

First of all, coffee and,
もちろん Pastéis de nata。

Of course pastéis de nata.

And, a salted cod fritter that we tasted yesterday (and we liked!).

In addition, I order this one, without knowing what it was, by pointing the finger at it in the showcase.
食べてみると、チキンパイのような物でした (empada という名前らしい)。これも生地がさくさくでおいしい!

It turns out that this was a kind of pastry with chicken meat inside (called "empada).  The dough was very flaky and good.

After we got satisfied with the good breakfast, we went to the Jerónimos Monastery that we couldn't get inside of.

Unlike yesterday, there were lots of people today and we had to wait to get inside.  I guess there were only ~30 people ahead of us, but it took a long time to finally get in because the cashiers at the ticket counter were very slow to handle people...  Well, what can we do.

Since we had a long wait, we went to the Church of Santa Maria adjacent to the monastery.  It is free of charge to get into the church.

Inside, it felt very solemnity.  In this church are the stone tombs of Vasco da Gama and Luís de Camões.

This one is for Vasco da Gama.

And this one is for Luís de Camões.

Both tombs were sculpted with ships and ropes, reflecting the age of Portuguese discoveries/exploration of Africa and India.

Of course stained glasses are there, too.

The statue of Mary.

Although I am not a Christian, churches make me feel awed.

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