Friday, December 31, 2010

Trip to Portugal Day 7 (Lisbon - Amsterdam - Boston)


Today we had to return to the US.  Our flight was at ~8 am, so we were at the airport by 6 am.

After checking in, we had our last breakfast at a cafe.
最後にもう一度ポルトガルの味を楽しもうと、pastel de nata を注文。やっぱり空港で食べるのはあまりおいしくありません。でももちろん値段は街中のカフェの2倍ぐらいです。

To enjoy Portugal one last time, I ordered a pastel de nata.  But it was not as good as we had in the city (but twice as expensive!).

I also ordered a chicken empanada.

We got into the plane to Amsterdam.

Bye-bye, Portugal.  We'll be back!

during the flight the sandwiches were served again.

It looked very cold outside in Amsterdam (I already missed warm Lisbon!).
デルタの飛行機 (手前にわずかに写っているやつ) に乗り込むと、もうアメリカに帰ってきたような感じ。

Once we were on board (to the Delta plane), it was like we were already in the US.
機内食はベジタリアンラザニア (脂っこい)。

The dinner I chose was the vegetarian lasagna (oily).

My husband ordered the chicken dish.

I was very sleepy, but couldn't stop watching movies and thus did not sleep at all.  During the flight, the light snack (ice cream and pizza) was served.

And finally we saw familiar Boston under clouds.

帰宅して、無事事故もなく帰ってこれたと思いながら荷物の整理をしているとき、お気に入りだった Marc Jacobs のスカートと Diane von Furstenberg のドレスをホテルに忘れてきたことに気づきました! すぐにホテルに電話したのですが、ないとのこと (ホテルに忘れてきたのは確実なのに、ないということは誰かが盗ったんでしょうね)。特にドレスは買ったばかりでまだ2回しか着ていなかったので、かなりショック! でも自分のミスなので縁がなかったと思ってあきらめます。

When I was unpacking at home, thinking we had a very good trip without any accidents, I suddenly realized that I forgot my favorite Marc Jacobs skirt and Diane von Furstenberg dress in the hotel closet.  I immediately call the hotel, but they couldn't locate them (I am 1000% sure I left them in the hotel, so I guess someone took them).  I just bough the dress a few months ago, and wore it only twice, so I was very sad...  But it was my mistake, and I had to let it go...

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