Saturday, December 18, 2010

Brunch at Masa

今日は近くまで行く用事があったので、Woburn にある Masa でブランチを食べました。ここには以前会社の人達とお昼ご飯を食べに来て以来、2回目の来店です。

Today we went to Masa in Woburn since it was on the way to the place we had to go.  This is the second time I came here (the last time I came here was for the lunch with my colleagues). 

As soon as we sat at our table, a basket full of corn beads was served.

It came with three kinds of sweet spreads.  I especially liked the maple butter in the middle.  All are home-made.


I was almost full by eating corn breads...

夫はブランチのセットを注文。このセットはコーヒーまたは紅茶と2種類のお料理で $7.95 とかなりお値打ちです。一品目はフレッシュフルーツを注文 (一応ダイエット中なので)。

My husband ordered the Brunch set menu, which comes with coffee or tea and 2 courses.  This menu is a very good deal (only $7.95!).  For the first dish, he selected the fresh fruits (we are still on diet...). 

For the second dish, he chose "Santa Fe Style Eggs Benedict atop Southwestern Biscuits".  He liked the green Chile Hollandaise. 
私が注文したのはブレックファーストブリトー。スクランブルエッグ、チョリソー、じゃがいも、チーズやその他の野菜がトルティーヤに包まれていて、ボリュームたっぷり。唐辛子 (?) の入ったブラックビーンのソースがスパイシーでいい感じ。

I ordered "The Ultimate Breakfast Burrito Served with Black Beans and Rice".  Scrambled eggs, spring vegetables, Monterey Jack cheese,
chorizo and southwest home fries are wrapped in soft flour tortilla.  I liked the black beans sauce that had something spicy (jalapeño?).

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