Sunday, December 12, 2010

Trip to New York (and New Jersey) (4) - Brunch at Dovetail


Today, one day after the wedding, it was so windy and raining very hard.  We forgot to bring our umbrellas, so we bought the cheap ones at Walgreen.  But due to the strong wind, they got broken immediately (literally, just a few minutes after we opened them).  We just threw away $10...

まずはホテルをチェックアウト後、またマンハッタンへ行って Dovetail でブランチ。ここのシェフ、John Fraser はカリフォルニアの有名レストラン French Laundry やパリの Taillevent で修行後、2008 年 (?) にこのレストランをオープン。

After checking out the hotel, we drove to Manhattan again for brunch at Dovetail.  The chef, John Fraser, worked at various famous restaurants including French Laundry in California and Taillevent in Paris prior to open this restaurant in 2008 (?).

After we sat at the table, a basket of  sweet and savory bread was served.  I heard this restaurant is famous for savory corn bread; indeed, it was very tasty.

Then 5 different kinds of canapés were brought to the table.  From the right, yogurt parfait, cucumber soup, salmon roe, cucumber/salmon tea sandwich, and duck meatballs.

I ordered the grilled salmon.  Crispy salmon on the bright green sauce (basil pistou).

Inside, it was almost raw.  The sauce did not overpower the salmon, and it was not bad.
夫はチキンのローストをオーダー。これは私が Nougatine で昨日食べたローストチキンとはまた違ったおいしさです。でも夫は昨日のほうがおいしかったと言っていました。

My husband ordered the roasted chicken.  This tasted different from what I had at Nougatine yesterday, but was also good.  But my husband preferred the Nougatine one.

At the end, 4 different kinds of small desserts were served.  From the right, apple crumble, maple custard, raspberry cupcake and chocolate bread pudding.  They were nothing special.


We over-ate again during this trip...  Both of us decided to be on diet at least until Christmas.  After the brunch, we drove back to Boston in heavy rain and wind.  At several times, we couldn't see anything due to the rain and it was a very thrilling driving experience.

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