Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trip to Portugal Day 6 (3) (Sintra)


We hadn't eaten anything yet today, so went to a cafe in front of the palace to get some coffee and food.  Many bottles of Portuguese wine were displayed on the wall. 

We generally drink black espresso, but today I was feeling some cafe au lait.

The ham &cheese sandwich.

This is called "queijada", Sintra's traditional cake.  It tasted similar to a cheese tart.
これはその形からトラヴェセイロ (枕) と呼ばれるもので、アーモンドパウダーなどでできたクリームが中に入っています。

This is called "travesseiro", meaning "pillow" in Portuguese because of its shape.   It is a puff pastry stuffed with a sweet almond powder and egg mixture.
さておなかも満たされたので、次の目的地、ムーア城跡へ向かいます。ここには、シントラ駅-王宮-ムーア城跡-ペナ宮を巡回しているバスがあるのですが、私たちの目の前で通り過ぎてしまいました。時刻表によると1時間に2,3本しかこのバスがないようだったので (実際にはもっと頻繁に走っていました)、次のバスを待つよりも歩いていったほうが早いんじゃないかということで、歩いていくことにしました。

After the breakfast, we headed to the next target, the Castle of the Moors (Castelo dos Mouros).  In Sintra, Bus #343 takes a circular route from the Sintra station - the National Palace - the Castle of the Moors - the Pena Palace, but we just missed the bus and had to wait 20~30 min for the next bus.  So, we thought it would be faster to walk there than waiting for the next bus and decided to walk.

But this was a bad idea!  It looked very close on the map, but we had to climb up very long and steep uphills!  At the beginning there were several other people walking in the same direction, but they disappeared and eventually it was only us walking... 

And worse, it started raining...

But on the way, we found interesting rocks and
素敵な眺めを見られたりしたので、よかったかな (と、この時はまだ元気だったので思ったのです)。

And also we enjoyed a nice view.  So we thought it was not too bad to walk (because at this time, we did not know how long more we had to walk...).

We also found a sign on a building mentioning Hans Christian Andersen's name.  It turned out that this was the house he stayed when he visited Portugal in 1866.

Walking a few hundred meters from Andersen's house, we found the entrance to the castle.

We were very happy that we "thought" we finally arrived although I had a small doubt because the entrance was so tiny...
この入り口から更に1km 程山道を登らなければいけなかったんです。

And soon enough we realized we had to walk much more to arrive at the final destination..
必死で歩いてやっと後 300m のところまで来ました。

We walked a lot, but still had 300 m to the castle...

The National Palace that we visited earlier was far down from where we were.

But eventually we started seeing this kind of castle-like building.  So the goal was almost there??

But the uphills continued...

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