Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trip to Portugal Day 6 (2) (Sintra - Palácio Nacional de Sintra)


Through this staircase we came up to the upstairs.  I really felt this palace was, unlike most of the European palaces that I visited, very plain and modest.

The view through the window.

This room, the Coats-of-Arms Room (Sala dos Brasões), is the highlight of this palace.
天井にはマヌエル一世の紋章 (中央の紋章) と王族の紋章 (外側の8つの紋章) 、さらに72個のポルトガル貴族の紋章が描かれています。とてもきらびやか!

This room has a magnificent wooden coffered domed ceiling decorated with 72 coats-of-arms of the King and the main Portuguese noble families.  Very gorgeous!

It is difficult in this picture, but each noble family member is painted as a deer with its own coats-of-arm hanging from its neck..

And all the walls are decorated with the beautiful Azulejos.

The Azulejos depict the hunting scenes.

These Azulejos are really big.

To me this is how a palace should look like...

This is the Chinese Room (Sala Chinesa).  The Chinese pagoda, formed by a set of buildings of nine pavilions/temples with thirteen-storey high towers on each side, is in this room.  It has a wooden structure and it is made of ivory and bone, applied in sheets or plated.  This piece itself is very delicate, complex and beautiful, but the room is again very plain.. 

This is the chapel.

This is the fountain in the Arab Room (Sala dos Árabes).

And here is the kitchen.
台所の天井には大きな煙突が2つ。これが外から見えたあの大きな三角錐の正体だったんですね。この他にも色々な部屋があり、どの部屋もやはりアズレージョが見事でしたが、やっぱり全体的なイメージは (私にとっては) "地味" です。

This kitchen is famous for its thirty-three metres high chimneys which became the symbol of Sintra.  We visited several other rooms and almost all the rooms are decorated with the beautiful Azulejos, but still, to me, this palace is rather simple and plain...

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