Saturday, December 11, 2010

Trip to New York (and New Jersey) (1)


This weekend we drove to New Jersey to attend our friend's wedding reception.  Since the reception would start in the evening, we made a plan to have breakfast and lunch in New York.  We left Boston at 5 am and arrived at Manhattan at around 8:30 am.
昼食を予約しているレストランがコロンバスサークルにあるので、まずはその近くの駐車場に車を止め、朝食を食べに Le Pain へ。

First, we parked our car in a garage near the restaurant I made a reservation for lunch in Columbus Circle.  Then we went to Le Pain for breakfast.
ここはチェーン店 (本店はフランス) なのですが名前が示すようにパンの種類が豊富で、朝早くから開いているので結構お気に入り。

This is the chain bakery/cafe (shops all over the world), but they serve wide variety of bread and I kind of like this place.

Since we were expecting the big lunch, we just ordered the bread basket and coffee.  We got four or five different kinds of bread, but my favorite was the one with walnuts.

After the breakfast, we walked around the city.  We found roasted chestnuts on the street, which looked delicious.  I really wanted to get them, but gave up as our lunch was waiting for us...

The entire city was decorated for Christmas.  Well, compared to the NY decorations, Boston's are nothing....

We wanted to go to Rockefeller Center, but there were so many people and it was almost time for our reservation for lunch, we gave up and came back to Columbus Circle.

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