Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dinner at Highland Kitchen


Today is the last day at work this year!  My company will be closed from tomorrow till Jan. 2 next year for the holiday break!  There were many ups and downs this year, but fortunately we can finish 2010 healthily and peacefully.

今日は普段より早く帰宅することができたので、早めの夕食を食べに Somerville にある Highland Kitchen へ行ってきました。開店一番に行ったのでまだほとんどお客さんはいませんでしたが私たちが帰る頃には客席の3/4は埋っていました。

Tonight I could come home early from work, we went for the early dinner to Highland Kitchen in Somerville.  Since we went there right after 5 pm, there were not many people, but by the time we left, 3/4 of tables were occupied.

This was the type of bread I like.
夫はまずシーフードのガンボを注文。海老やソーセージがたっぷり入っていて、オクラのとろみと唐辛子 (?) のスパイシーさと相まって想像したよりもおいしかったです。この間ニューオーリンズで食べたのと比べてもかなりいい線を行っていると思います。

My husband first ordered a cup of seafood gambo.  There were big chunks of shrimp, andouille sausages, etc.  The soup was thickened by okras and had a bit of spiciness, and it was almost as good as the one we had in New Orleans recently.
私は "Pig and Pickles Plate" を注文。豚のリエット、コンフィ (揚げてある)、ハムの盛り合わせに、バゲット、ピクルスとマスタードが付いてきます。コンフィはクリスピーで、ハムもスモークされていておいしい!これだけでおなか一杯になります。

I ordered "Pig and Pickles Plate", which included pork rillettes, confit and tasso ham along with baugette and mustard.  The confit was fried and crispy, and the ham had the good smoky flavor.  It was very good and this plate alone made us full.

My husband ordered "Braised Pork Shoulder and Bacon".  The meat was very tender.  The collards and grits came with the meat were also a good match.

I ordered the cheese burger again.

The buns were nicely grilled and the meat was very juicy.  We could not finish our plates and took the leftover home.  It will be our lunch tomorrow.

We shared the chocolate bread pudding with coffee ice cream.  This was ok.  My husband likes this restaurant very much (I like it, too), and we agreed to come back soon.

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