Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Trip to Portugal Day 5 (2) (Lisbon)

ホテルに帰っていったん荷物を置いた後、また町をうろうろしておなかがすいてきたので、ちょっと遅いお昼ご飯を食べることに。初日に食べたシーフードがとてもおいしかったのでまたこの Cervejaria Ramiro にやって来ました。

After we went back to our hotel to drop off our wine bottles, we walked around the city.  Then we felt hungry, we decided to have the late lunch.  Since we liked the seafood we had on the first day, we returned to Cervejaria Ramiro.
ビールは 200 mL きっかり入っています。

The exactly 200 mL of beer was served.

Today, we tried this "stuff" that we saw last time (we couldn't figure out what it was at that time).
見た目はかなりグロテスクです。これは英語で gooseneck barnacle というもので (日本語でなんというのかわかりません) 甲殻類の一種です。黒い足のようなものの皮を剥いて中身を食べます。味はイカの足というかアサリっぽいというか、でもおいしいくてやみつきになります。これを食べたとき、以前パリで食べて何だったのかわからなかったものがこれだと気づきました。

It looked very grotesque.  It is called "gooseneck barnacle".  To eat it, the dark skin (?) outside should be removed.  It tasted something like raw squid legs or clams.  It was actually very good.  I finally realized the stuff we ate in Paris before was this barnacle. 

We saw the people at the next table eating this, which looked very delicious...  So we ordered the same one.  It was sooo good I ate even the shells.

And the garlic shrimp again.  During this trip, we ate a lots of shrimp.  I guess we took too much cholesterol...

After the lunch, we resumed wandering around the city.

We looked for a cafe to take a break, and found this huge dog at the door of a cafe, waiting for his owner.  Since he (she?) was too cute, we decided to sit at this cafe.

Lots of sweets that looked really sweet.

We ordered the coffee and, 

And a Napoleon cake.

Next, we took this tram and looked around the city.

The tram went through very narrow streets.  At the curve, I was afraid the tram hit walls of buildings..

The tram we took passed the church.

We went to the end of the line, then returned to the Rossio Square.

Around the square, streets are covered with black and white stones that create various motifs, many of which are nautical.

The mosaic of a mermaid and a fish.

We took a break at a cafe again.  In Lisbon, coffee/cakes are cheap, so we could hop in whenever we wanted without hesitation.

I ordered a pastel de nata again.  Yummy.

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