Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trip to Portugal Day 6 (4) (Sintra - Castelo dos Mouros)


I almost gave up on the way, but we finally arrived at the Castle of the Moors.

Two cats were under the rocks to escape from the rain...

But soon after the rain stopped, and we started looking around the castle.

This castle, as indicated by its name, is of Moorish origin, but the current building is the result of a romantic renovation carried out in the 19th century by King Ferdinand II.

The castle has two walled segments, and both are very high.

Visitors can walk on the wall, and of course we headed to the tower on the top.

The steps were wet and slippery because of the earlier rain, so we went up slowly and carefully, not to fall down...

The view of Sintra from the wall on the middle way to the top.

Keep going up!

When looked back, I saw this magnificent view.  But actually it was very scary as well since there was nothing to protect or stop you from falling down (fence, ropes, etc) if you stumble.
でもさすがに苦労してここまで来た甲斐があって (おとなしくバスに乗っていれば、しなくてもよい苦労だったのですが)、こんな絶景が見られました。

Our hard work (well, it was unnecessary if we would have taken the bus) was rewarded - the view was really breathtaking.

This is the top of  the tower.  It was very windy on the top, and I had to hold onto the wall to keep myself stand.  I am not very good at the height, so after I asked my husband to take a picture of me, I immediately came down.

Going down, though, was as scary as going up.  The steps were very steep.

After we finished one of the segments, we went to concur the other one!

We were exhausted, but I was glad we came here.

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