Saturday, December 11, 2010

Trip to New York (and New Jersey) (2) - Lunch at Nougatin

昼食は、ミシュラン3つ星シェフ、Jean-Georges Vongrichten の経営するカジュアルレストラン、Nougatin at Jean Georges で。本当はカーテンを隔ててすぐ隣にある3つ星の本店の方 (Jean-Georges) で食べたかったのですが、満席で予約が取れなかったんです.....。

For lunch, we went to Nougatin at Jean Georges, owned by the Michelin 3-star chef, Jean-Georges Vongrichten.  Actually we wanted to go to his 3-star rated restaurant (Jean Georges) just in the next room, but by the time I tried to make a reservation, unfortunately it was all booked and  no table was available....
入り口も受付も2つのレストラン (Jean-Georges & Nougatine) 共用です。

The entrance and the reception are shared by two restaurants (Jean-Georges & Nougatine).
私たちは2人とも3コースの Prix Fixe メニュー ($28) から注文。このパンはもちっとしていて私好みの味&食感。

We both ordered our lunch from the Prix Fixe menu ($28).  I liked the texture and taste of this bread.

The first course for my husband was tuna tartar (w/ avocado, spicy radish and ginger marinade).  The sauce had the strong ginger flavor, which I liked. 

I selected shrimp salad (w/ avocado, tomato and champagne vinegar dressing) for my first course.  The shrimp was cooked just enough (still not totally cooked inside) and very flavorful.  The avocado was also very riped and melted in  my mouth.

My husband opted for roasted red snapper (w/ corn, baby new potatoes, green olive-herb vinaigrette) for the main.  The fish was very moist and the chili oil in the sauce gave a nice kick.

I chose spice roasted organic chicken (w/ parsnips, kale and pomegranate vinaigrette).  When I put the knife in, the juice ran over from the meat.  It was amazingly juicy and tender.  Sooo good!

We ordered coffee after the meal.

My husband's dessert was warm chocolate cake (w/ vanilla bean ice cream).  I didn't care for the cake, but the vanilla ice cream was excellent - really vanilla beans.
私はポーチドペアー。どれもすごくおいしくて、これで一人$28 (飲み物は別) でいいの?っていうぐらい。ボストンのレストランが如何に高い値段を設定している (味はいまいちなのに!) かよ~くわかります。あ~、ニューヨークに住みたい!!

I chose vanilla poached peach (w/ champagne savayon, pistachio ice cream and crunch hazelnuts)(I think the ice cream was cassis, not pistachio as the menu said).  Everything was very good and I couldn't believe it was only $28/person (excluding drinks).  I feel it is outrageous that many restaurants in Boston charge as much as (if not more than) in New York although the quality is far below...  I wish I could live in Manhattan!

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