Saturday, December 25, 2010

Trip to Portugal Days 1 & 2 (Boston - Amsterdam)


For one week from Dec.25, we visited Portugal to take advantage of Christmas break.  This time we had 4 days and half being in the land of Portugal, we decided to stay in Lisbon only.

私たちのフライトは夜7時過ぎだったので、ボストンの空港で夕食をとりました (今回使った航空会社はデルタなので機内食は期待できません)。これはイカフライ。

Our departure time was after 7 pm, so we had our dinner at the Boston airport (since we flew with Delta, we did not expect good meals on the plane).  This is the fried calamaris.
そしてハンバーガー (サラダも付いてきました)。

And a hamburger (came with salad).

The space between seats was very narrow as is always the case in any of Delta's planes....

Our plane took off on time.  Beautiful night view of Boston.

For dinner, we had a choice of chicken or vegetarian pasta.  I chose the pasta, which was very oily and I could not eat more than half.

My husband selected the chicken, but it did not look good, either...

After the dinner, I fell asleep.  When I woke up, I saw the city of Amsterdam where we needed to transfer.  It was 8 am, but still dark.

After we landed, it was getting lighter.
アムステルダムでは4時間ほど待ち時間があったので、あちこち空港内を歩き回りました。この飾りつけは2年前と一緒 (でも数が少なくなっているような)。

We had about 4 hours to kill until our next flight, so we walked around in the airport.  This decoration was same as the one we saw 2 years ago (but fewer, I guess)...

I don't remember whether this decoration was same as well.

Although we were not hungry, we went to the cafe and ordered coffee and salad.

The view from the cafe.  It was foggy and looked beautiful.

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