Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lunch at Pasha

今日は、私の働いている部署の忘年会というかクリスマス休暇前の慰安会というか、とにかく同じ部署の人全員で Arlington にある Pasha というトルコ料理のお店にお昼ご飯を食べに行きました。

Today we (all the coworkers working in the same department) went to Pasha, a Turkish restaurant in Arlington, for lunch to celebrate the holiday.


Peach Juice (Seftali) from Turkey.  It's very sweet.

We ordered various cold and hot appetizers to share.  This is the cold appetizer platter, including hummus, spicy mashed vegetables, hidieri, stuffed vine leaves, beet tarator and babaghannouj, carrot salad.

I don't remember what this was...  In addition, we had fried Mozzofeta sticks and other appetizers.  I was almost full before ordering the entrée....
私が注文したのはケバブの盛り合わせ。ビーフやチキンのグリル (ラムは嫌いなのでお持ち帰りにして夫にあげました) 。お肉はちょっとぱさぱさしていました。

I ordered mix grilled kebab ( Karisik Izgara), which is the combination of lamb, beef, lamb chop, meatballs and chicken, served with rice, house salad and grilled green pepper.  The meat was a bit dry...

Of course we ordered desserts, too.  This is the combination of baklava, kataifi, and honey cakes.  They were not too sweet and good.

Some of us ordered Turkish coffee, and it was served in this pretty container.

The coffee was very strong and good!


The payment for this lunch was taken care of, but I guess it was quite expensive as we ordered a lot of drinks/foods!

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